Pure Excitement

There is always a bit of excitement and motivation when you start a new project. Whether it be some effort of organizational activity in your home, a new hobby or craft or planning an event. Call me crazy, but I have been so excited today just thinking about my own little corner of the internet where I can talk about whatever I want. I have ZERO readers so far… but so what! I am thrilled to be able to have a little platform where I can talk about anything I feel like. Even if the only reader is me 50 years from now in that little rocking chair… I feel like this activity is worthwhile.

A number of topics went through my head this morning as I was driving to work. Road rage… Random Thought topic. Juicing… yes, definitely a Favorite Thing.  EMF safety… this one fits right into Information Overload and is something that I’m researching/investing in right now. There were too many topics to count! What did I want to say today? How often will I blog? I have no rules! I can talk about whatever I want, whenever I want! No words… just pure excitement overwhelmed me.

This truly feels liberating. I think everyone should have a blog. It’s kind of like a diary, but with a public approach. What you say in the privacy of your own journal is for your eyes only. Sometimes those thoughts become pervasive, especially if they are weighing you down. A public blog is something much different. There is a certain aspect of declaration about it. If you say it, you feel it and you OWN it. Well, you can always reserve the right to change your mind at some future date, but for that moment, you OWN it!

My apologies if my excitement for a blog is mundane and boring for anyone (anyone?) out there reading this… but for me, especially right now, it’s what I need.

Expect to see lots of blog posts in the coming weeks. I’m sure the new car smell will eventually wear off, but for now, I’m going to let my thoughts run wild!

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