Amongst the Obstacles

I wrote this over 7 years ago, but it is one of those journals that I read today and it still resonates with me. It’s about the journey, not the destination. True strength of character can be measured by the level of happiness that a mind is capable of bringing to this world and to those around him, no matter what the circumstances.

We need to practice this (happiness) on a daily basis so when the real crisis comes, we can showcase our strength.

Written February 10, 2005


“I had a profound moment this week and I want to make sure that I capture how I feel right now. What I realize now is that it’s not about what obstacles are in your life. (ie: money issues, relationship issues, your job, car, clothes, confidence level) it is not about overcoming them. It is about finding serenity amongst them.

At the end of everyday, you can find happiness within yourself. This is where happiness exists. The goal of life is to find happiness no matter what is going on. It is always there, you just have to have the strength of mind to find it.

I did yoga this morning. The yoga instructor reiterated it. He said that it doesn’t matter if you’re running, surfing, or seeing a long lost friend; the happiness you feel is because those actions make your mind STOP. When the mind stops, there is happiness. So, if you can make your mind stop, then you can always find happiness.

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  1. The ability to be happy or be mindful is not complicated, however, we make it so difficult to stop and just be–too many distractions. It’s sad when my four-year-old reminds me to be mindful–how humbling it is for me and how I love him for it!

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