Women wear many hats and balance multiple roles in our day-to-day lives. It’s difficult to differentiate between those roles on a regular basis. We must attempt, however, to have time for our marriage, our children and ourselves. We must have healthy relationships with each of these aspects of ourselves or we will not have balance.

For my marriage, there are multiple ways for me to connect with my husband. This includes date nights, long walks and snuggling on the couch after we put the kids to bed. But sometimes it takes a conscious effort. I won’t take my marriage for granted, so I make sure that we have special time together.

For my children, it’s not enough to go through the daily motions and regular routines of the school week. It’s about carving out one-on-one time for each child and develop that special bond and relationship. It’s about shaping their core values for the future and what tactics I utilize. I strive to develop regular, everyday habits that lead to healthy relationships with my children.

Last, but absolutely not least, is trying to find time for my physical, spiritual and emotional development. Why is it that we often put off our own well being? If we don’t prioritize ourselves, then who will? I am a better wife, mom and contributor to my community when I take care of #1. After all, I’m a person too and I’m worthy of love and attention. Right?

I’m just an everyday wife, mom and woman trying to balance the most important things in my life; marriage, motherhood and me. I’ve decided to keep a blog for myself and my children and (well) for that old lady that in the distant future who will be kicking back in her rocking chair. I want to remember my life and what I stood for. I’m honored that you’ve decided to read along.

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